European Market Entry


Our Experience

ACKERMAN Corporate Development  provides experienced business services to support North American companies expanding into the European market

  • Corporate, business and sales development services
  • Corporate finance and accountancy services
  • Banking assistance
  • Buy-side, Buy & Build and joint venture advisory
  • Executive search and human resources services
  • Interim executive management

We represent US clients in a wide range of markets, industries and technologies as they are researching their options to expand into Europe or have made the decision and are committed to a strategic expansion.

We work with national and regional chambers of commerce in both Europe and North America to provide the range of services required by our clients to successfully launch an effective and profitable European base of operations. business development European markets

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Business & Sales Development


We provide Business Development Services to clients expanding into Europe. The best strategic plans are developed with real information gathered in the markets and regions of interest. And, the best plans are executed with local resources who can navigate through and around challenges as they occur.

We work with a network of professional groups to provide a full range of business development services to meet client needs as they develop and execute the strategies to expand in Europe.

  • Detailed market research and analyses
  • Identify and qualify key clients and supply partners
  • Sales channel development
  • Establish sales & marketing team 
  • Branding - Tailoring your brand for Europe
  • Screen office and operational locations. Act as business agent to negotiate lease terms. 
  • Secure and install CRM system

Corporate Finance


Clients expanding into the EU often seek to minimize the risk, and leverage the opportunity of their venture by aligning with EU corporate finance services. 

  • Business plan, financial projection of P&L, balance sheet, working capital requirements (WCR), cashflow statement & management, budgeting and planning for the next coming years 
  • Financial reporting to company management
  • Fund raising and private placement
  • Corporate strategy and planning 
  • Creation of shareholder value 
  • Joint ventures & strategic alliances 
  • Business analyses and restructuring, turnaround management
  • Establish sustainable business models for distressed companies
  • Support during post-investment period
  • Independent Board or Advisory Directorship
  • European markets business development



We assist clients expanding into the EU with a full range of services to establish effective banking relationships and operations.

  • Establishment of EU banking operations
  • Establishment of Accounting and Tax operations
  • Cash conversion and transfer
  • ROI optimization
  • Financial and business plan – strategy confirmation based on EU business requirements
  • Debt, Equity financing and Private placements – introductions and transaction representation

Buy-Side Advisory


  • Business purchase assignment
  • Comprehensive acquisition advisory services via an organized, professional target search process
  • Deal structuring
  • Company valuation
  • Business development European markets

Executive Search & HR


We support clients expanding into Europe with Personnel services to recruit and hire qualified professionals who know the European market and sales channel landscape. We are very successful in identifying candidates with international business experience and European market roots.

We handle all aspects of our clients’ European staffing needs, including hiring, payroll, benefits, insurance, taxation and legal compliance. Our clients’ are assured of receiving the support, professionalism and dedicated service we’ve built our own reputation on.

  • Business Organization structure for legal registration and tax purposes,
  • Site location selection. We work directly with regional real estate professionals to identify and help negotiate facility leases for long-term benefits of our clients
  • Recruitment, interviews and hiring of qualified leadership and key personnel 
  • Reporting structure, employment contract negotiations, content and terms.
  • Outsourcing of non-critical personnel european markets business development

Interim Executive Management


  • CEO/Managing Director
  • CFO
  • M&A Director
  • Finance Manager
  • Group Controller
  • Board Director
  • Others as Appropriate